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Our Herd 

The Bulls and Females that make our operation possible

At JP Cattle Co we are constantly striving to improve our genetics. Below is a list of our current herd sires (including AI) and our foundation females and replacement heifers. We have plenty more sires in the tank, but we only upload what we have on the ground. 





CCC Shania T 

This cow has quickly become our most valued foundation female. Purchased from Cowboy Cattle Company as our first female in calf Shania has now given us 3 calves. All of which have been absolute stand outs. She consistently throws bone, body, correctness and cattle with real presence about them. Her first daugher she had for us, JPC Dolly P has followed in her mothers foot steps and has given us an sensational Cut'N Dried heifer. We just keep going back to this line and it has been influential in our program and will continue to be for many years to come. 


JPC Dolly P

Dolly P, Shania T's Daughter (see what we did there?) is again one of our most influential females. She, just like her mother throws calves even better than herself. This line of females just cannot be stopped. Dolly P is currently in calf to our herd sire N-Bar Black Tie Affair. Our last daughter out of Shania T was a Black Tie baby and so far has not only been our highest selling heifer, but was hard to beat at the TLA National Show & Sale in 2023. We are very excited for this pairing. 


HBL Cherry O

Miss Cherry is a personal favorite of all who visit our farm. Her sweet nature is infectious. Cherry has given us 2 spectacular steers - one of which has been retained  as show steer due to his easy going nature. We are very keen to see what Cherry gives us this year as she is suspected to of taken to our AI program. We would very much like a heifer out of her this time!


CCC Everley

Everley is another one of our first ever Texas Longhorns. She is a striking female, a great mother and has thrown us two very flashy calves. Her first  daughter is for sale and can be found here. She currently has a striking steer calf at foot and is suspected to of taken to our AI program. We are excited for that pairing!  


D7 Spur Brandy Snap

Brandy Snap is a real cracker young cow who has thrown us the most impressive Jet Black Chex heifer, Her horns are slowly but surely becoming more lateral and she is a really easy and fun cow to look at. We have always said to never underestimate a solid red cow and she is living up to that title. She is suspected to of taken to our AI program again this year, we are excited and hoping for another cracker calf. 


Skinny Lizard Candy 

Candy is a large bodied female with impressive horns. She has given us 2 steer calves which we are sure are going to grow out to be incredible trophy steers for their owners. She would be in calf again now to our herd sire, N-Bar Black Tie Affair and we'd really love a heifer this time! 


D7 Spur Music 

Music is a deep red cow who keeps giving us the most adorable heifer calves. As she came to us as a 3 in 1 package, she has only just given us a Black Tie Affair baby and she is such a sweet calf. Music has a lovely nature and an incredible set of horns. We are very excited to see what her current calf does as we think that could be a match made in heaven! 


JPC Red Velvet 

Red is a cracker heifer who has some black brindling coming through on her rich red coat. We are very excited about her horns which at the moment are long but blown back behind her ears! We are hoping for some twist. This is another heifer we think we will hold onto, at least for a while to see what she does!



JPC Chippewa

Chip is out of Cherry O & by N-Bar Black Tie Affair, we have great hopes for him to grow out and continue being an easy going show steer. He also looks phenomenal in the paddock. He boasts incredible beef and body, great temperament and a glistening snow white coat. He is easy to handle and is an all round dude. 


JPC Cut'N Ambition 

Miss Amby as she is affectionately known is our pride and joy. Again, this heifer hails from the lines we raved about at the start of the female list and this girl is no exception. She has it all and is on track to hit 30" or more of horn before her1st birthday. We are very very proud of this girl and we cant wait to watch her grow and mature and impress us just has her Dam + Great Dam have., 

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